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North Georgia Crypto Mining provides services services for the client base of mid-size Bitcoin and crypto mining businesses.

These operations operate from 20-2000 miners and work with consultants as needed for aspects of their mining operations where they need assistance.

Getting started in mining at a larger scale can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The principals at North Georgia Crypto Mining have been through the entire process multiple times.

Hire us to assist you in the initial process. We also provide ongoing support in case of issues after you begin mining.

We partner with the leading mining container system builder companies in North America to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Our experts

LeVar has 20 years of combined experience as an Engineer, Entrepreneur and Investor.


Rolf has 30 years combined experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, and business owner.


Reggie has 15 years experience as an operations specialist, entrepreneur, and investor.


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North Georgia Crypto Mining offers Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Farm consulting services and support, small scale hosting, and expert advice for container sourcing and implementation.

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