Asic Miner Hosting Services

NGA Crypto Mining provides miner hosting services for small mining operations in a purpose built crypto mining facility. Situated at the base of the North Georgia mountains, electricity is supplied by the surrounding hydropower facilities.

  • Power, cooling, network, security, space
  • Bring your own miners, power supplies, and monitoring
  • Dedicated IP address for remote access to your miners and monitoring system
  • Client data network isolated from other hosting clients

Mining System Consulting

NGA Crypto Mining has an operations manual of mining best practices developed over years of full cycle cryptocurrency mining. Optimization Services is a two-day onsite consulting engagement during which the NGA Crypto Mining team performs a multi-point audit of existing mining operations, and provides a report with recommendations.

  • Actions to take during the full mining profit cycle
  • Operating equipment optimally and securely
  • Power, Cooling, Network, Space Layout

Get started with us today

NGA Crypto Mining offers Asic Miner Hosting Services, Mining System Optimization Consulting, Mining System Support Services and the NGA Crypto Mining International Mining Container.

Mining System Support Services

Mid-size miners sometimes run into issues where they need to talk to someone more experienced. That’s what NGA Crypto Mining System Support Services (SSS) are for. Remote support is available during business hours for anyone, and after hours for clients who are on contract with NGA Crypto Mining SSS.

  • Remote support availability: Ad-hoc, Scheduled, By Service Level Agreement
  • Mining hardware, mining pools, exchanges
  • Troubleshooting, issue resolution and more

International Mining Container

Build, ship, and deploy mobile mining system.

  • Proven and tested container design
  • Sized for 210 ASIC miners
  • 250KW electricity in 48 outlets
  • 40,000 CFM cooling in flow-through design
  • Built-in shelving, tested and operational