North Georgia Crypto Mining Products and Services

North Georgia Crypto Mining provides services for the client base of mid-size Bitcoin and crypto mining businesses. These operations operate from 20-2000 miners and work with consultants as needed for aspects of their mining operations where they need assistance.

In addition to consulting, we provide miner hosting at our state of the art facility positioned near hydropower electric supply in our North Georgia location.

Engaging the Services of North Georgia Crypto Mining consultants

The services NGCM provides are valuable and in-demand by organizations worldwide. The skills we have and support we are able to provide have been earned over many years with a large investment of our own time and money. We have a specific process for engaging with our clients, and look forward to working with people who have serious inquiries. 

Consulting services are initially provided at an hourly rate. NGCM requires payment in advance, as the consulting relationship progresses, there are more options:

  • Signed consulting agreement with NDA required before working together
  • Initial consulting engagement of 2 hours done by remote video call – fixed price $350
  • Consulting rate of $350 per hour, in 30 minute billing increments
  • Consulting retainer paid in advance, minimum $900 
  • Consulting done by scheduled appointment during business hours, 24 hours notice

We look forward to working together with you on your Bitcoin and Crypto mining project! Please use the contact form.


Mining Farm Design, Building, and StartUp

Getting started in mining at a larger scale can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The principals at North Georgia Crypto Mining have been through the entire process multiple times. Hire us to assist you in the initial process. We also provide ongoing support in case of issues after you begin mining.

  • Finding a suitable location with low power costs and ground lease/purchase options
  • Site assessment and scope of work creation for a mining farm
  • Initial Bitcoin and Crypto mining system design for location, power, network.
  • Work with our trusted and proven partners for purchasing mining containers
  • Buy new or used ASIC miners at volume from brokers and resellers we know
  • Management of system buildout and turnup
  • Configuration of miners, network, monitoring, data security, physical security
  • Long term operational planning, processes, and procedures

Mining System Optimization Consulting

NGCM has an operations manual of mining best practices developed over years of full cycle cryptocurrency mining. Optimization Services is a two-day onsite consulting engagement during which the NGCM team performs a multi-point audit of existing mining operations, and provides a report with recommendations. Areas covered include:

  • Actions to take during the full mining profit cycle
  • Operating equipment optimally and securely
  • Power, Cooling, Network, Space Layout

Mining System Support Services

Mid-size mining organizations know the value of partnering to accomplish their objectives. We provide support on all aspects of crypto mining operations, from troubleshooting to performance optimization. Scheduled support is available as consulting services, and 24/7 support with a defined Service Level Agreement can be contracted with monthly subscription.

  • Remote support availability
    • Scheduled with 24 hour notice
    • Service Level Agreement by monthly subscription
  • Mining hardware, mining pools, exchanges
  • Troubleshooting, issue resolution


Mining Container Systems

NGCM partners with the leading mining container system builder organizations in North America to provide complete solutions for our clients. We don’t build the completed containers, we provide additional needed services:

  • Vetting and maintaining relationships with container building partners
  • Container farm design for power, internet, and security
  • Specifying and procuring the appropriate containers
  • Initial container system miner configuration and turnup


Dahlonega Datacenter and Container Farm

If you are looking to get started in Bitcoin and crypto mining with a smaller quantity of miners as a way to become familiar with all the aspects of operating a crypto mining business, we have immediate availability for miner hosting at our operating location in Dahlonega, Georgia, USA.

  • Immediately available power, cooling, internet and security for 10-100 miners
  • Secured private network with client remote access to miners available 24/7
  • Clients may visit site location to access their own miners
  • Consulting assistance available for miner operational optimization

North Georgia Crypto Mining Principals

LeVar Fraiser – CEO 

  • Client relationship manager
  • Consulting lead coordinator

Reggie Brown – COO

  • Hosting and on-site services
  • Billing and payment

Rolf Versluis – CTO

  • Consulting technical lead
  • Hosting network operations
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