When operating a few hundred miners for profit, as many small businesses do, one has to have a focus on the overall profitability of the operation.

One of the aspects of profitability is making sure that the individual miners are operating efficiently near their maximum hash rate, and do not burn out. As production miners get closer to the state-of-the-art on what can be done with silicon wafer Manufacturing Technologies, they are going to have a longer and longer potential lifespan.

When designing our facilities, the engineers at North Georgia Crypto Mining have to design for long Georgia summers, where, for a few months, the outside temperature is 95 degrees at a decent level of humidity. To minimize costs, we designed without air conditioning and instead used filtered outside air.

We have visited a few other mining facilities in different parts of the country, and to our experience, most of these facilities appear to lack sufficient intake air for the miners to operate at 100% fan speed.

If you look at most purpose-built miners, they have an intake and exhaust fan that is designed to force air through fast cars. Reading the specification sheets of these miners, many of them have maximum air throughput of about 200 cubic feet per minute. It would stand to reason, that if less than 200 cubic feet per minute of fresh, cool, intake air were provided to the miner, it would seek to get that air from somewhere, and would end up recirculating its own hot exhaust air back into its intake.

If a miner recirculates hot exhaust air back to its intake, the temperature of the hash boards rapidly rises. It’s certainly possible to drop the frequency and voltage on the hash boards so that the miner doesn’t operate at the temperature red line, but it makes more sense to us engineers at North Georgia Crypto Mining to provide all miners sufficient intake air for when their fans are operating at 100%.

Of course, that intake air has to be filtered as well, to prevent dust and pollen from clogging the hash boards of the miners.

Some people who visit our facility comment that it appears we are providing an excessive amount of intake air to the miners. We operate our own mining equipment in our facility, as well as miners we host for others. It is our belief that we are providing the proper amount of intake air for the miners so that they will have a long, healthy and profitable mining experience for our business.

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